We specialise in making glass apparatus specially used in lamp industries... our products vary from customer to customer due to the individual preference of design and drawings of their products. Our specialisation varies from Incandescent , fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamp industry.
We make Mercury Distillation Unit as well...



Bent Tube

Borrel Bottle

CFL Catcher

CFL Glass Catcher


Chemical Tower Glass Ball Glass Catcher 1 Glass Catcher 2

Glass Catcher 3

Glass Catcher 4 Glass Tower Glass Vanger
Glass Catcher GLS Glass Catcher Oil Catcher Oil Pot
Oil Vanger Oil Trap Oil Vanger Reservoir 2

Reservoir Disc Reservoir SO2 Bottle TL Glass Catcher

Various Finished Products


Mercury Distillation Unit

3 Stage , Without Vac, Pump & Mercury.
Since many years ,we have developed and manufactured the above item. This is used for purifying mercury that gets contaminated. By using the above apparatus the mercury can be reused after distillation. It is very user friendly, and compact.

The approx size is :
Width :12''

The enclosed file has the unit shown is assembled condition, It is electrically operated. Spares are also available for the entire apparatus.
We have supplied many units to various T.L., C.F.L., LAMP making units, and they are satisfied by its performance.
If you have any queries that you may want to know , please feel free to contact us...
For your information 10kgs mercury can be distilled is approximately 8 hours.
Price can be given on request.






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