ABOUT US                                                                                                              Mission & Vision

Tropical Enterprises is a few generation old glass apparatus manufacturing company. The glass apparatus manufactured are specially used in Lamp industries however we can make any type of products based on as per your requirement and design as our products are always and mostly customised.

Tropical Enterprises was formed in ''1968'' by Mr Samar Dey and over the years our company has grown to large extent and catering to various reputed brands all across India and even abroad. Present day the management is headed by Mr.Abhijit Dey who has applied the knowledge he gained all over the years and scientific approach along with his academic background to build the innovative and best quality products in its class...

Our specialisation varies from Incandescent , fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamp industry.

Over the years we have developed absolute skill to make flawless products and today we are working with big names like; MAG 45 (NETHERLANDS) , HIND LAMPS LTD , SURYA ROSHNI LTD, ANCHOR ELECTRIC , BAINS ELECTRIC , CEMA ELECTRIC , WIPRO ENTERPRISES LTD etc.

Tropical Enterprises is guided by the leaders who have profound ideas about the subject over the years to lead the company to the right direction...


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